Month: September 2019

Do you find going to the dentist to be stressful? Have you put off necessary appointments due to experiencing anxiety over the idea of going? You are not alone. Many Americans put off their dental care due to the fear or worry they feel even just sitting in the lobby. Dental anxiety is a real...

It is a fact that your teeth can take a beating over the course of a lifetime. Whether they have suffered an injury or feature normal wear and tear, years of use can show the effects on your once-pearly whites. While regular dental cleanings and professional teeth whitening techniques can make them bright and sparkly...

The smile is such a significant method of expressing joy, laughter, and excitement to others around us. It is also a tool through which we share happiness, encouragement, and a whole host of other emotions with friends, family, and even strangers. But if you do not feel good about the appearance of your smile, you...

If you have ever lost a tooth, you know the impact can be life-altering. This missing void can wreak havoc in more ways than one, including the ability to speak and chew properly, and even lead to malnutrition and other related health issues. When left untreated, a missing tooth or teeth can be an eyesore...

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