Month: August 2019

It is never easy to face the loss of a permanent tooth. But fortunately, modern dentistry provides the opportunity to restore – and even enhance – your smile through the use of dental implants. At Allred Dental, our San Marcos dentistry, skilled implant specialist Dr. Jeffrey Allred and our team are here to guide you...

Who does not want to show off great looking teeth? For many adults, their smiles feature crooked teeth, unsightly gaps, or overcrowding that can take its toll on confidence levels. While many adults desperately want these issues fixed, the thought of traditional metal braces may be holding them back from seeking help. Thankfully, there is...

Does the sound of a whirring dental drill make you dizzy? Do you get queasy just thinking about having a cavity filled? Does the idea of undergoing a routine dental cleaning make your palms sweat? Dentophobia, one of the many words used to describe the intense fear or anxiety that some patients experience when visiting...

There’s no substitute for having a bright white, beautiful smile. When your teeth are clean and straight, they look great and function well so that you can feel more confident about yourself and your appearance. Besides providing you with a picture-perfect smile, it is possible with cosmetic dentistry treatments to also improve the quality of...

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