All-on-4® vs. Traditional Dental Implants

Tooth loss can be a major dental issue. The good news is there's now an option for people who suffer from missing teeth - implants! Dental implant surgery offers restoring function and appearance with natural-looking results that last much longer than traditional dentures or bridges. 

Since dental implants have been a safe and reliable tooth replacement option for decades now, patients have many choices when it comes to theirs. For instance, if you are missing just a few teeth, single dental implants are likely right for you. But, if you are missing a full arch of teeth - or even all of your teeth - traditional dental implants or specialty techniques, such as All-on-4® may be appropriate. 

So, what's the best option for you? Trust the dental implants experts at Allred Dental to provide you with all the answers you need! Call our San Marcos, CA dental office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Allred!

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What Are All-on-4® Dental Implants?

Revolutionary Implants systems, like All-on-4, are the new way to replace missing teeth! All-on 4 dental implants refer to a system that uses four metal pieces (implant), which can be placed into your mouth and attached under both upper or lower arch. This method requires fewer operations than traditional methods. It also provides you with a full set of teeth on the same day as your initial surgery!

The All-on 4 system uses fewer dental implants to secure a set of dentures within the mouth because it places them at an angle behind your jaw. Unlike traditional implant procedures, which are placed straight into bone. This minimal contact is optimal because it extends the life of the implant, helping to avoid the need for other procedures like grafting. 

What Are Traditional Dental Implants?

With traditional dental implants, you can have your teeth replaced one at a time or in full sets. This means they are the perfect choice if you want extra support for certain areas of restoration like bridges and crowns!

It's important to note that traditional dental implant treatment typically takes a longer time to complete when compared to All-on-4 treatment. This is because sinus augmentation, bone grafting, or both, may be needed before beginning the dental implant placement process. Once bone grafting or sinus augmentation are completed and the mouth is healed, the dental implants can then be placed. The healing process may be finished weeks, but typically months after these initial procedures.

Though not every patient requires procedures like bone grafting and sinus augmentation, many do. These preliminary treatments are important to factor in while weighing your dental implants pros and cons. 

Important All-on-4 Benefits to Consider

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure is quick and efficient compared to traditional dental implant surgery that requires multiple surgeries with a long recovery between each one. While most people still prefer dental implants to removable dentures because of the natural look and durability, All-on-4 offers some very specific benefits.

These include:

  • Lightning-fast results. With All-on-4, you can show off your new teeth and gums immediately. Your dentist will place them in one session so there’s no wait for healing. Enjoy a new smile on the same day as your initial surgery!
  • Bone grafting rarely required. Bone grafting is not as necessary with All-on-4 as it is with dental implants. The bulky areas of your jaw where the implant will be placed make it unlikely that any bone need to come off in order for them both fit properly and function well together. Fortunately, this process has little or no effect on overall treatment time!
  • Shorter recovery time. You'll need about one week of recovery time after an All-on-4 procedure, which is shorter than a treatment plan requiring multiple surgeries. To aid in the recovery process, it's important that you eat soft foods or take over-the-counter pain medications during this period, unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor.
  • Cost-effective. Because the All-on-4 technique typically requires fewer preliminary treatments, your overall cost may be lower than that of traditional dental implants. 

Which System is Best for My Smile?

There are many different types of dental implant options available, but it is important to consider your unique health needs and financial options before deciding on a course. Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Schedule a consultation with your dentist. At Allred Dental, we offer FREE dental implant consultations!
  • Consider the current health of your smile. Do you require preliminary procedures, like bone grafting or sinus augmentation?
  • Are you looking for a removable or permanent prosthesis?
  • Consider your budget and dental insurance. What option would be best for you and your family?

Trust the Dental Implant Experts at Allred Dental

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