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Traditional braces have been the best method for straightening teeth for a long time. However, metal wires and scratchy brackets make the procedure unappealing for many patients. Using modern technology and revolutionary designs in plastics, Invisalign offers an alternative that will have both young and adult patients grinning from ear to ear! Here are 10...

At Allred Dental, we know we’re only part of the reason your smiles look great. We trust our patients to keep their mouths in tip-top shape between visits, too! There are a lot of misconceptions about the best way you can care for your teeth. Here are a few tips that will help maintain the...

Crooked teeth can cause a host of problems, including diminished self-esteem. Metal braces have long been the standard treatment to correct crooked teeth, but the thought of a mouth full of wires makes many patients think twice. Using state-of-the-art technology, now patients have a clear alternative to standard braces with Invisalign clear braces. Taking a...

Dental veneers are a trusted technique many patients use to correct their smiles. With the capability to handle a host of oral issues, dentists have used veneers successfully for over sixty years. It is preferred not only because of its high success rate but also because it can achieve such natural-looking, long-term results whitening, straightening,...

Are you suffering from crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth? Have your teeth become very discolored for which you shy away from talking and smiling properly? Dental veneers might be the solution to your problem. Dental veneers can perfectly hide a wide variety of oral imperfections. Veneers are a quick and painless solution to...

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