How to Minimize Discomfort for Sensitive Teeth

minimize sensitive teethOral discomfort, whether from tooth sensitivity or a toothache, can range from minor to severe, and can be enough to interfere with daily life. When this is the case, there are many effective treatments we can provide to our patients at Allred Dental. Dr. Jeffrey Allred understands how to restore comfort and health to his patients’ smiles in San Marcos, CA.

Causes of sensitive teeth

Do you experience tooth sensitivity to cold or hot food or beverages? Sensitive teeth are common among patients at Allred Dental. Some of the most frequent causes of sensitive teeth include:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Tobacco use

  • Misaligned bite

  • Gum disease

  • Teeth clenching or grinding

Dr. Allred and the professional staff at Allred Dental can recommend treatments for sensitive teeth based on the severity of your case and the extent of your symptoms.

Understanding gum disease

Gum disease is a common cause of toothaches. This inflammation of the tissue surrounding the teeth can be caused by poor oral hygiene, smoking, aging, hormonal changes, certain medications, pregnancy, and even substance abuse. Gingivitis is the mildest form of the disease and is characterized by inflamed red gums that bleed easily. It is caused by food debris and bacteria, which turn into plaque and lead to tartar. When left untreated, gingivitis can turn into periodontitis, a more advanced form of gum disease, which can result in receding gums or uncovered tooth roots.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is chronic teeth grinding or jaw clenching, which can lead to pain and sensitivity in the teeth, face, jaw, and surrounding muscles. Grinding can cause the jaw and joints to ache and can lead to chipped and cracked teeth. To treat bruxism, a custom-made night guard can be worn while sleeping.

Impacted teeth

An impacted tooth is one that has yet to break through the gumline. The most commonly impacted teeth are the wisdom teeth. These teeth are stuck in the jaw and unable to move where they belong, which can cause sensitivity and pain. If a tooth is impacted, it will need to be surgically removed.

Sensitive teeth treatments

If you have tooth discomfort or sudden tooth sensitivity, Dr. Allred can provide a variety of sensitive teeth treatments at Allred Dental. Some of the most common treatment options for sensitive teeth include:

  • Gum grafting: This is used to help return the gumline to a better position on the tooth and cover any exposed root surfaces.

  • Dental restorations: To cover exposed areas, dental crowns or tooth-colored fillings may be used.

  • Desensitizing toothpastes: This toothpaste can block the pain associated with sensitive teeth.

  • Fluoride treatment: Fluoride can be applied to sensitive spots in order to reduce pain and to strengthen tooth enamel. Prescription fluoride may also be suggested.

  • Root canal: If your sensitive teeth are causing severe pain, a root canal may remedy the issue. The pain is often coming from the tooth’s core, which is known as the dental pulp. Once this is removed, the pain is eliminated.

Preventing sensitive teeth symptoms

The best way to prevent sensitive teeth is with a proper oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, and make sure to floss at least once each day. For San Marcos-area patients who clench or grind their teeth, a custom mouthguard can reduce the likelihood of tooth sensitivity and fractured teeth.

To protect tooth enamel, consider limiting acidic foods and drinks such as citrus fruits, wine, and carbonated beverages. After eating or drinking these acidic items, drink some water in order to balance the acid level in the mouth.

Contact Allred Dental to treat your sensitive teeth today

Protect your smile from toothaches, tooth sensitivity, and tooth discomfort by scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings with Dr. Jeffrey Allred. At Allred Dental, we pride ourselves on providing professional dental services to prevent dental issues from occurring. Dr. Allred is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry and is experienced in treating a wide variety of dental concerns. Regardless of the cause of your sensitive teeth or tooth pain, our experienced team in San Marcos, CA wants to help you eliminate your pain and discomfort. Call Allred Dental today to schedule an appointment to treat your sensitive teeth.

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