How Your Dentist Can Treat Receding Gums For A Healthier Mouth

treat receding gumsYour gums are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to protecting your oral health. They have the critical job of not only acting as the first line of defense in protecting your teeth and their roots, but also keeping them in their designated places. When in good condition, the gums can help create the appearance of a balanced, healthy smile. However, when your gums recede, this common oral issue can disrupt the delicate balance, putting your teeth at a higher risk of damage and changing the appearance of the smile. As both an oral health and aesthetic concern, receding gums often require expert professional attention to halt the progression and protect your beautiful smile.

The first step is to find a qualified, experienced dentist like Dr. Jeffrey Allred. At Allred Dental in San Marcos, CA, Dr. Allred can help treat receding gums. Many people may be unaware that gum recession will not resolve on its own, and a receded gumline will not revert to a healthier level without the intervention of expert care. Allred Dental puts their patients first to give them the best oral care so they can enjoy a healthy smile. Your teeth rely heavily on the support of healthy gums. If you are dealing with receding gums, let’s take a look at why it happens, how to treat it, and how Dr. Allred can assist you in your oral health goals.

Don't ignore receding gums

Receding gums can affect both your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

Oral health concerns

You may be wondering why it's necessary to treat receding gums, especially since it is such a common concern. Dr. Allred routinely treats patients to return the gumline to a healthier position along the teeth. When the gum tissues recede, they pull away from the teeth. This exposes the root structure, which is normally covered and protected by the gum tissues. The roots of the teeth now are without the protective layer of enamel and are more likely to become decayed or damaged due to chemical or mechanical erosion. The root surfaces also tend to be more sensitive and may cause discomfort when eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Over time, a lack of adequate support for the teeth can also increase the chances of tooth loss. Overall, gum recession increases the threat of periodontal disease that may require more extensive or costlier care in the future.

Cosmetic concerns

Beyond the harmful oral health effects of gum recession, a receding gumline changes the appearance of the smile. Gum recession shows more surface area of the teeth, making the affected tooth or teeth look longer. This also creates dark triangular spaces between the teeth near the gumline. Since the root surfaces of the teeth are yellower, the shade of the smile takes on a diminished or duller appearance. The overall aesthetic effect of receding gums is often a smile that looks older, less balanced, and less appealing than before.

Why do gums recede?

Gum recession may be common among many dental patients, but the factors that contribute to the condition are specific to each individual. A receding gumline may be the result of reasons including:

  • Gum disease
  • Genetics
  • Teeth grinding and clenching
  • Aggressive tooth brushing
  • Oral piercings
  • A misaligned bite
  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Poor dental care
  • Hormonal changes
  • Tobacco products
  • Age

Gum recession treatment

Deep teeth cleaning

Mild gum recession, when caught in the early stages, may be treated by Dr. Allred through deeply cleaning the affected area. Also called scaling and root planing (SRP), this is a nonsurgical treatment that works to remove the build-up of tartar, plaque, acid, and bacteria along the teeth and root surfaces that can turn into the early stages of gum disease. Dr. Allred also offers Perio Protect® for his San Marcos patients, which administers infection-fighting medication beneath the gums. Perio Protect targets the gums and teeth to reach areas that traditional tooth brushing can't reach. This process aids in the restoration and promotion of healthier teeth, gums, and overall oral health while preventing gum disease.

Gum surgery

For patients who have a more advanced stage of gum recession that cannot be treated with deep cleaning, gum surgery may be required to repair the damage. Dr. Allred will assess each case and make his recommendations for your specific treatment plan.

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Your gums are the foundation that protects your teeth. Keeping them healthy is an integral part of ensuring good oral health. The first step in tackling this problem is to find a qualified dentist for twice-yearly visits to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Dr. Allred is a skilled, experienced dentist who can diagnose, prevent, and treat gum recession to get you back on track with a great smile and healthy gums protecting your teeth. If you live in the San Marcos, CA, area, we encourage you to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Allred of Allred Dental today.

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