Six Reasons for Keeping Regular Dental Cleaning Appointments

regular dental cleaningsWhen it comes to making sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible and your smile is looking its best, regular dental cleanings can help. Regular brushing and flossing alone are not enough to maintain optimal oral health. Professional dental cleanings or prophylaxis are general dentistry services that are performed at our San Marcos, CA dental office. Dr. Jeffrey Allred believes that having a dental cleaning every six months is important to his patients’ oral health. During this cleaning, deposits left in the mouth are removed in order to freshen a patient’s breath and to restore health overall.

At Allred Dental, our friendly and professional staff uses the latest technologies to perform this routine dental service. We can improve the smiles of our patients with preventive dentistry services. When you’re in need of a dental cleaning and have concerns with your oral health, we can serve as your trusted source for superior dental care in San Marcos, CA.

Why Get Teeth Cleaned?

Biannual routine dental cleanings are common treatments that Dr. Allred performs for his patients. In order to understand how a dental cleaning can impact your oral health, here are some of the main reasons for maintaining a regular schedule of routine dental cleanings. They include:

  1. Eliminates tartar and plaque for fresh breath: Plaque forms on the teeth and can be removed with regular brushing and flossing. However, tartar is calcified and can only be removed at a professional dental cleaning in San Marcos, CA. During a cleaning at Allred Dental, special instruments are used to remove this soft and hard plaque. By removing harmful bacteria, it creates fresher breath.

  2. Polishes the teeth: Stains collect on the surface of the teeth from tobacco, red wine, coffee, tea, and even certain medications. A dental cleaning includes polishing the teeth, which leaves them feeling smoother and looking brighter, too.

  3. Offers personalized oral hygiene tips: Brushing and flossing at home are important to maintaining oral health in between dental visits with Dr. Allred. Our hygienist can tailor instructions based on your needs and what we see at your cleaning. This will give you the chance to learn about the areas in your mouth you may benefit from giving more attention or perhaps changing how you brush or floss.

  4. Reduced risk of gum disease: Routine dental cleanings removes plaque and tartar, which reduces the chance that gum disease causing bacteria can grow. This reduces the risk for tooth decay as well as periodontitis. Keeping up with regular dental cleanings at Allred Dental allows us to treat the early stages of these oral health concerns quickly.

  5. Identify dental issues early on: When you have regular dental exams and routine dental cleanings, it allows Dr. Allred to detect a dental issue early on. This can be before decay becomes more advanced and requires a restorative dentistry option. When we are evaluating your mouth regularly, these problems can be diagnosed and treated with conservative treatment options.

  6. Supports your general health: A healthy oral environment means a healthy immune system. Maintaining routine dental cleans creates this healthy environment that supports better health and wellness for all of our patients in San Marcos, CA.

How Often Should You Visit Dr. Allred For Dental Cleanings?

Dr. Allred recommends having regular dental cleanings at least twice a year. For patients with gum disease or other oral health problems, he may recommend more frequent cleaning. Our professional team at Allred Dental can assess each patient’s needs and help you to decide the best schedule for maintaining your oral health.

Does Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Hurt?

Dental cleanings shouldn’t be painful. If you are experiencing pain, tell your dental hygienist immediately. Most of the time it is gum pain, which means your gums are inflamed and may require more frequent dental cleanings. If you’re having tooth pain, we can provide sensitive teeth treatment such as topical fluoride.

Schedule an Appointment For Routine Dental Cleanings in San Marcos, CA Today

Your oral health directly affects your overall health. Maintaining your teeth and gums with routine dental cleanings and dental exams is important to keeping your smile looking its best. Dr. Jeffrey Allred and our team at Allred Dental pride ourselves on improving the lives of our patients with personalized dental care. We are ready to provide you with these routine dental services at our San Marcos, CA as soon as possible.

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