What Are Some Common Causes of Tooth Pain?

common causes of tooth painAre you experiencing a painful toothache? Any oral pain that you feel should be evaluated quickly by a general dentist such as Dr. Jeffrey Allred in San Marcos, CA. Many oral conditions can lead to pain in your teeth. Our caring team at Allred Dental is always ready to identify the source of your tooth pain and to provide you relief with several effective treatment options.

Your tooth pain can range from mild to severe and can be caused by many different conditions including tooth decay. Ultimately, any type of discomfort should be assessed as soon as possible by a general dentist. Any pain in a tooth isn’t normal and shows that something is impacting your oral health. Dr. Allred is skilled at diagnosing and treating tooth pain and in turn, providing comfort to his patients.

Reasons for tooth pain

Tooth pain can be in one tooth or in a specific area of the mouth. Whatever your tooth pain cause may be, Dr. Allred wants to help you quickly in order to restore your oral health. Some of the most common tooth pain causes that he treats include:

  1. Infection / abscessed teeth: When bacteria enters a tooth and makes its way to the pulp, the tooth can become infected. This infection can travel into the roots, which can lead to severe tooth pain. When infection is left untreated, an abscess can develop. Abscessed teeth usually require root canal therapy to save them. Treating infected teeth as soon as possible helps to prevent more serious conditions from developing. Untreated infections can travel throughout the body and cause serious health issues.

  2. Wisdom teeth: These teeth are often impacted as they lack the necessary space to fit properly in your mouth. Partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and pressure in the jaw and surrounding teeth. Extraction is required to remove them and to relieve the tooth pain.

  3. Teeth grinding: Bruxism or teeth grinding and clenching can place stress on the teeth as well as the TMJ joint. This can result in cracked, worn teeth, or restorations. A night guard is a great treatment option for those who grind their teeth.

  4. Sensitive teeth: This can be caused by cold or hot temperatures from food or drinks or even just brushing the teeth. In mild cases, sensitivity toothpaste has been proven to help. In severe cases, gum grafting may be necessary to cover exposed roots that have caused sensitive teeth in a patient’s mouth.

  5. Loose or damaged restorations: Fillings, bridges, veneers, and crowns all can become loose and damaged by regular wear and tear, trauma, or an injury. Visiting a skilled dentist such as Dr. Allred allows you to minimize your pain and discomfort.

  6. Tooth decay: Cavities that extend deep into a tooth can lead to tooth pain. Untreated tooth decay can result in an infection or an abscess when left untreated. Cavities are generally treated with tooth-colored fillings at our San Marcos, CA dental office.

  7. Cracked teeth: Cracked teeth allow bacteria to access the tooth, which can lead to tooth pain and sensitivity. This may lead to pain when biting, too. Treatment for cracked teeth include root canal therapy or dental crowns.

Treatments that help treat tooth pain

The type of treatment used depends on the cause of your tooth pain in San Marcos, CA. Dr. Allred examines your teeth and gums to determine the cause of your pain and discomfort. Next, he recommends procedures that will stop your pain and discomfort. These dental procedures can include: fillings, root canal therapy, wisdom tooth extraction, crowns, and bite analysis.

Visit a dentist to treat your toothache today

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, our professionals at Allred Dental can offer you treatments that remedy your oral health situation. Toothaches require immediate dental care. Through the use of digital x-rays, we can get to the root of the problem and recommend treatment options to stop your tooth pain and to restore your oral health. Dr. Jeffrey Allred specializes in diagnosing and treating tooth pain in patients of all ages in San Marcos, CA. We are pleased to help treat your tooth pain and to minimize discomfort. Schedule a visit with our professional team today!

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