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At Allred Dental we perform dental and oral surgery in a comfortable and professional setting. Dr. Allred is skilled in many types of dental and oral surgery. While the thought of surgery can be daunting, it’s our goal at Allred Dental to provide patients with excellent care in a relaxing environment.

The most common types of dental and oral surgery include: endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, wisdom teeth removal, and dental implants.

  • Endodontic surgery (endodontist skills) deals with the pulp and root of the tooth, as in root canal surgery.
  • Prosthodontic surgery refers to any procedure that includes dental prosthetics as in crowns and bridges, veneers, dental implants and dentures.
  • Periodontic surgery (periodontist skills) treats the gums. If the gums are inflamed or infected due to gingivitis, it may be necessary to perform surgical deep cleanings.
  • Wisdom teeth removal is the surgical removal of impacted or misaligned wisdom teeth.
  • Dental implant surgery is the placement of hardware in the jaw bone, these implants replace the tooth root and provide a strong base for prosthetic teeth.


Wisdom teeth begin to emerge in the back of the mouth in the late teens or early 20s. Ideally, the wisdom teeth emerge straight through the gums and there is enough space in the mouth for them to grow, without crowding or impacting the surrounding teeth. Unfortunately, and in most cases, the wisdom teeth fail to emerge with proper alignment and become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can swell and cause pain. This can lead to an infection of the gums surrounding the impacted tooth and further complications in the adjacent teeth, bone, and gums. Removing the wisdom teeth is the best way to avoid these potential problems and eliminate the need for a more painful and complicated surgery down the line. Removal of wisdom teeth is easier and recovery is faster in younger patients because the wisdom tooth root is not fully developed and the tooth is less dense. If you’re curious about wisdom tooth removal or are suffering from impacted tooth pain, call our office today for an exam and consultation with Dr. Allred.


The process will begin with an oral exam and an X-ray, which will reveal whether or not wisdom teeth are emerging properly. If you and Dr. Allred have determined that the best course of action for your unique situation is wisdom tooth extraction, together you’ll devise a course of treatment that best suits your needs. The actual procedure can be as easy as a simple tooth extraction procedure. However, if the wisdom tooth is impacted under the gum line, a small incision will be made in the gum to reveal and remove the tooth. After the tooth has been removed, the gum will be stitched closed and gauze will be placed over the site to stop any bleeding. Depending on how many wisdom teeth will be removed in one visit, patients may choose to use a local or general anesthetic.


Recovering from wisdom tooth extraction surgery will only take a few days. First, relax. Take it easy after surgery, making sure to prop your head up when lying down. Dr. Allred will prescribe painkillers and you may take them as needed. You’ll need to eat only soft foods that don’t require chewing on the site of the extractions and slowly introduce solid foods. Change gauze pads in the mouth often, and if bleeding doesn’t stop after 24 hours contact our office. An ice pack can be used on the outside of the cheek to reduce swelling.


It’s natural to be nervous about oral surgery and it’s stressful to be suffering from tooth, gum, jaw or mouth pain. Dr. Allred and his team strive to create a calm and positive environment at Allred Dental, we’re here to take care of you and your oral health. Dr. Allred has advanced certification in all oral surgery procedures and in dental sedation techniques for fearful patients. Dr. Allred and his team are committed to continuing education and the implementation of new technologies, keeping Allred Dental up to date with the most advanced dental procedures, equipment and modern comforts. Making patients feel at ease and caring about them, Dr. Jeff Allred provides his patients with nothing short of excellence in all dental services.

Our team at Allred Dental strives to offer the best experience possible; flawless dental and jaw work, a friendly environment, and top amenities like flat screen tv’s, top class headphones, and high-end reading materials. Dr. Allred is the best San Marcos dentist according his patients because his procedures are second-to-none, and pain-free. If you have any questions regarding your wisdom teeth removal, please feel free to call our office. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment and providing you with a dental experience tailored around you!

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